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Join our animation and illustration team at
TheS       ul Publishing

One of the largest media publishers in the world with 1 bln of subscribers are seeking talent!

We shoot videos, create animation and write articles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 3000+ people work at our offices and remotely from 70+ countries around the world.

animation projects




minutes of animation per month


million subscribers

(across animation projects)


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Who creates animation at TheSoul?

Why join TheSoul?

Team of creators

Awesome creative colleagues (designers, scriptwriters, sound engineers) and mentors are ready to share their experience and help you with advice or action.

3D animation, CG, Motion Capture

We develop projects in 3D animation, CG, Motion Capture, and work on

a super secret full-length 3D cartoon.

Develop and study

800+ training courses and materials in our internal academy, professional development programs, meetings with experts, and educational events.


Growth and rotation between projects

No limits to launching new initiatives or moving to other projects! You can grow from an animator

to a producer of the new channel.

We’re constantly launching new projects and developing the current ones.

Become a part of our team and the whole world will see your work!

Our projects

VFX and Motion Capture