Cyprus is a wonderful, cozy island that experiences 320 days of summer a year. It’s an island of cats, and an island in the shape of a cat. The original island of gods and love, Cyprus is a multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious country.

And being so many “multis” perfectly reflects why we opened our flagship office here.


Some interesting facts about the island:


You can find 20 rare species of orchids here

 Cyprus is 240 kilometers (149 miles) long from end to end, and 100 kilometers (62 miles) wide at its widest point.

There are no railways on the island.

Its national symbol is a (very shy) sheep. It’s actually so shy that you might never see it.


 There are more cats than people here. We didn’t count them all, but someone did.


This island is the best destination for:

Working (no kidding, it really is).

The best diving experience and blue-flag beaches.

Sports – trekking, jogging, horseback riding, yachting, whatever you like.

The history-addicted. You can find ancient traces of the past everywhere. 

Nightlife fans – there’s every sort of night-time activity to be found here, for any budget.

Foodies. You can get any type of cuisine here.


TheSoul Publishing in Cyprus

This is where the HQ Leadership Team keeps an eye on all of our global activity. The video studio produces tons of new material. And at the same time, our HR, Finance & Legal, Global Operations, BusDev, IT, Internal Audit, and Corporate Administration teams are here, polishing and developing all of our procedures to maintain our high-level of productivity.
people producing the best ever content
hours of video produced per month in Cyprus

Average age

Native Language

























We are all different, but we all work for one goal — creating the best entertaining content in the world













Pizza with...




Your pet is
















What motivates us:

You do you

If your dreams don't scare you they're too small.

Go Find Adventure

you can overcome anything if you pick the right song

If you can dream it, You can do it! ;)

Pull your socks up, Xenia!


Our incentive program

TheSoul BoostCamps are our incentive programs covering video production and animation. They’re run constantly to give a chance to everyone who wants to change their life and try a new career. The best participants become part of our team.

Open positions

Video Specialist on SKITS project

You are into hacks, love working from home, and have a cute pet?
Then this job is for you: we’re looking for a Video Specialist with video editing skills to be a part of the Youtube channel SKITS.
If you don’t have a dog or cat but another cool pet - still give it a try!

Office Maintenance Specialist

We're growing and expanding, and right now we are looking for a responsible and organised Office Maintenance Specialist, who is willing to take care of our spacious Limassol office.

People Partner (Limassol, HQ)

We are highly convinced that people is our greatest superpower, that’s why we are opening the position for experienced, attentive and energetic People Partner to join us in our HQ (Limassol, Cyprus) and to take care of our IT and Global Operations departments.

Senior QA Engineer

Мы ищем Senior QA Engineer для работы над нашим основным проектом cистема управления производством контента. Сотрудник присоединится к нашей профессиональной QA-команде и будет заниматься ручным и автоматизированным тестированием веб-приложений.

Lead QA Engineer

Мы, понимая ценность тестирования, продолжаем усиливать нашу QA-команду и именно поэтому открываем вакансию Lead QA Engineer.

HR Administrator

Right now we are looking for an HR Administrator who will help our team to relocate & onboard employees, maintain and update internal HR systems, and so on. 🙌

Senior UX Engineer

Мы ищем опытного Senior UX Engineer для проектирования интерфейсов и разработки дизайн-решений для внутренней ERP системы, веб-сайтов, мобильных приложений и сервисов компании. А также обладающего экспертизой по части проведения UX Research: сбора, анализа и систематизации требований пользователей к интерфейсам и юзабилити.

Video Designer for 5-Minute Crafts

Now we’re looking for a professional video designer wishing to join our highly skilled team, to work on our entertaining content and create videos that will be viewed by millions of followers.

Video Designer for Muffin Socks

Muffin Socks is our young but very promising YouTube channel creating educational content for kids.

Hard Crafter/Constructor

We are looking for talented Crafter to join our great and creative team!

Financial Communications Lead

The mission of the Financial Communications Lead is to provide financial leadership regarding all aspects of financial communications when communicating with internal and external audiences. The ability to deliver financial communications to financial and non-financial audiences is a key part of this role.

Video Designer for Action Reaction

Right now we are looking for a professional Video Designer wishing to join our highly professional & friendly team, to work on our entertaining content and create videos for our new channel Action Reaction.

Office Manager (Limassol)

We are looking for a person who will take care of the smooth running of the office, create and maintain a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety

Financial Accountant

The Financial Accountant’s mission is to provide financial expertise and to comply with group reporting requirements.

Administrative Coordinator

And today we are looking for a responsible Administrative Coordinator for our well-known project 5-Minute Crafts.
💡5-Minute Crafts is the most watched digital DIY brand in the world, and is known around the globe for its positive, fun and quirky DIY crafts. Videos on this channel are sure to inspire and ignite the creative sparks within all of us.

Product Lead - Educational Platform

We are looking for a Product Lead to spearhead our move into eLearning. A motivated self-starter with the ability to grow business from the ground up. Proven track record in utilizing and building eLearning platforms to deliver maximum value to the audience.

Video Designer

We are currently looking for an experienced Video Designer for our new YouTube project BRAVO! It is the unique opportunity for you to reach an enormous audience. And if you also have a dream to live near the sea and work in a spacious office surrounded by the most creative people in the world, then apply ASAP!

Video Designer for La La Life Games

Recently our fast-growing team is looking for a talented video designer to join our project La La Life Games.

Assistant/Actor 123GO! Challenge

We are looking for a charismatic person to join our new channel “123 GO! Challenge” – dedicated to anything interesting, insightful and exciting.

Senior Frontend Developer (JS/React)

Наша IT-команда продолжает расти, мы ищем опытного Senior Frontend разработчика, эксперта в Javascript и React.

Senior Compliance & Internal Controls Officer

The mission of the Senior Compliance & Internal Controls Officer role is to provide senior financial leadership by developing and enhancing the group internal controls framework and supporting the CFO and the wider leadership team with compliance matters including taxation management across all group entities.

Video Designer for 5-Minute Crafts

Now we’re looking for a professional video designer wishing to join our highly skilled team, to work on our entertaining content and create videos that will be viewed by millions of followers!

Senior Golang Developer

Наша техническая команда продолжает расти, и мы открываем позицию Senior Golang-разработчика с сильным PHP-бэкграундом!

Senior BI Developer

Мы ищем опытного Senior BI Developer c хорошими аналитическими навыками, технической экспертизой и знанием Qlik Sense!


Our Limassol video studio is looking for a responsible storekeeper who will take care of our storage facility.

Video Designer

We're growing and expanding, and right now our DIY project 5-Minute Crafts is looking for an experienced & talented video designer willing to work in our spacious Limassol office.

Makeup & hair artist

And today we are looking for a talented and creative Make up & hair Artist to join our team in Limassol studio!

Head of Procurement

We are looking for an experienced Head of Procurement capable to create Procurement function from scratch and who will be responsible for the centralized procurement for all entities of TSP.

Financial Analyst

This is an exciting opportunity that demands the best-in-class financial talent to help drive the commercial performance of TSP in a fast-changing environment where existing processes and judgements always need to be revised and challenged in order to arrive at commercially robust decisions.

Middle QA Engineer

Мы ищем Middle QA Engineer для работы над проектом «Система управления производством контента». Сотрудник присоединится к нашей профессиональной QA-команде и будет заниматься мануальным тестированием веб-приложений, а также участвовать в написании автотестов.

Actor (Cyprus)

Right now we are looking for charismatic Actor to join our new kid-oriented channel!

Video Designer for La La Life

We are looking for talented video designers wishing to join our new comedy project La La Life.

Senior Project Manager

Мы ищем специалиста, который также будет отвечать за коммуникацию с внешними контрагентами — социальными сетями и ускорит время реакций команды на внешние запросы.

Senior Product Manager

We’re looking for an experienced and highly qualified Product Lead for our websites. We require someone with experience in creating product roadmaps from conception to launch, driving product vision, and defining go-to-market strategy.

Male Actor 123GO! Challenge

We are looking for an attractive and charismatic young man to join our team that’s working on the new channel “123 GO! Challenge” – dedicated to anything interesting, insightful and exciting.