Senior PHP Developer


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TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest online publishers in the world. We create and publish hundreds of entertaining and educational articles and videos every day for over a billion subscribers worldwide. You must have seen our projects on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, AdMe, La La Life, 123 GO! etc.

There are also dozens of other projects which are the output of our creative distributed  team. We use high-tech online tools that help more than 2700 people working worldwide organize their work.

It is to create such internal tools and external applications able to delight millions of subscribers every day that we are looking for an experienced Senior PHP Developer.

Our technical team develops and maintains internal and external projects, such as:

  • a high-load content production management system, which allows our inventive international team to create thousands of videos, articles and animations and to translate our diverse content into more than 20 languages;

  • cloud solutions for video and animations;

  • compiler, render farm and parsing services - the tools that enable the video production team to work even faster;

  • 20+ websites and mobile applications;

  • internal financial and corporate analytical systems.

Who we are looking for: Senior PHP Developer

Location: remote work

You will be interested in working with us if:

  • You are an experienced engineer with an extensive roster of technical skills, or aspire to become one;

  • You want to develop and master new technologies;

  • You are bored with programming alone, you are not afraid of multicomponent responsibility and strive to bring tasks coming from the business to the working environment;

  • You know how and want to build a microservice architecture and handle high loads, but at the same time you are not afraid to face a complex monolith;

  • You understand the value of testing and want to further develop your testing skills;

  • You enjoy working in a well-managed, highly organized team;

  • You are a responsible, self-organized person, able to complete (not just start) all your tasks;

  • You are an effective critical thinker, you can not only voice and espouse your point of view, but also listen to the opinion of your opponent;

  • And finally, you want to be a part of a cool distributed team, making your own product able to delight millions of subscribers worldwide every day.

What we expect from candidates, in addition to good knowledge of PHP:

  • Experience in designing and developing modern high-load web projects;

  • Thorough understanding of OOP principles and patterns;

  • Understanding the differences between various types of DBMS;

  • Experience in one of the frameworks (Yii2, Symfony, Laravel or Zend);

  • Ability to write unit tests;

  • Teamwork skills, ability to explain complex things, using simple words;

  • Understanding Linux System Administration Basics, basic configuration and administration;

  • Knowledge and thorough understanding of Git, including the difference between 'git merge' and 'git rebase';

  • Understanding the principles of SOA, REST, SOAP, microservice architecture;

  • You are able to communicate in English effectively.

What you will do:

  • Develop backend applications, services and microservices using appropriate technologies, platforms and frameworks;

  • Integrate applications with social media platforms;

  • Maintain, refactor and improve application performance;

  • Perform effective team code reviews;

  • Assess the tasks and scope of work;

  • Develop technical documentation.

What we use in our work:

  • PHP 7.4, Laminas (Zend Framework), Mezzio (Zend Expressive), Go, Node.js, ES6, TypeScript, React, Redux, Flux;

  • MySQL, ElasticSearch, ClickHouse, Redis, RabbitMQ;

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Skaffold;

  • Asana, Confluence, GitLab, NewRelic.

What we offer:

  • A competitive salary (discussed individually with the successful candidate) with performance-based bonuses;

  • Remote work with work from anywhere workplace;

  • Growth and development: internal academy with 800+ internal courses and materials, internal knowledge sharing, constant feedback from your manager, no limits on launching new initiatives;

  • A tech-savvy approach and carefully structured processes: no red tape, transparent task management, asynchronous communication (with fewer meetings and more thoughtful written communication);

  • Creative vibes of the cool international team of TheSoul Publishing, a company whose unique ecosystem is friendly to any new ideas!

Sounds interesting? Please send your resume to and don't forget to include the job title in the subject line!

Thank you for your interest in our company and vacancies. Our team will carefully review your resume and contact you if we are ready to offer you a test task or invite you for an interview.

TheSoul Publishing is an employer that strives to offer equal opportunities for all candidates and tries to create a friendly environment for all employees. We welcome diversity: in our team there is no place for discrimination based on nationality, religion, gender and gender identity, as well as on the basis of residence, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, marital status and other characteristics protected by law. Candidates’ data privacy has always been a top priority at TheSoul Publishing, so all candidate information remains strictly confidential.


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