Traveling Flag of TheSoul

TheSoul Publishing is really focused on work-leisure balance. All of us work in different places, and we love to travel all over the world. Not so long ago, an idea popped up, and now we have a great tradition – a traveling flag.

Our colleagues who go to some wow-events or reach places on this globe not so many dare to attempt – they take TheSoul flag.

A couple years ago, our Incrível proofreader participated in the Haka Race in São Luíz do Paraitinga, Brazil, and his team got 1st Place! Of course, the flag was with him on the pedestal!

Another sport achievement was later that year – the Hero Race in Kazan, Russia. The 10-km obstacle race was a real challenge, and our colleagues took it on as a team. With lots of fun overcoming every task set by the organizers, despite aches and exhaustion, our guys were awesome!

Then the flag moved to the Far East, straight to the Pacific Ocean shore of Vanino - a small village an 8-hours’ drive from the nearest city of Khabarovsk. Our colleague was born there and came to visit her hometown. It was a very windy day and standing on the nearest cape, she was afraid to be blown away by the gusts straight to Japan…

Next stop: Botucatu, Brazil, again to our Danilo Vivan and the Haka Adventure Race, taking 6 hours of running, trekking, mountain biking, rappelling, and kayaking.

From there to Cape Horn, Terra del Fuego, Ushuaia (Argentina), the flag was set in the world’s southernmost city. Right after that, it was brought to the Perito Moreno Glacier – 70-meter-tall walls of ice a hue of blue so magical that you can’t believe your eyes.

In the summer of 2019, the flag traveled to Le Cirque de Navacelles, France. It’s a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site with a 300-meter canyon rated among the deepest in Europe.

The flag was then taken on a long journey through Europe, passed through 20 countries by motorbike, and came to the most northern point - Nordkapp, Norway. That’s the edge of the world in the North.

So far, our guys’n’gals have taken our flag to the Eastern, Southern, and Northern ends of the planet. Maybe you’ll be the one to join us and take the flag to the Western edge :)