Riga, the largest Baltic city, is a perfect blend of culture, architecture, history, language, and nature. It’s a city of mysteries and beauty that became the home for our Baltic video studio.


Some interesting facts about Riga and Latvia

Latvia is a country of breathtaking blonde girls, and it’s considered to be one of the tallest nations.


The person who invented jeans came from Latvia.


Riga’s nickname is “The City of Faces” due to the presence of over 800 Art Nouveau buildings.


Latvia is a Wi-Fi paradise. It has one of the world’s fastest internet connections, and there are over 800 free connection points in Riga.


Christmas tree decorations originate from Riga. 


Have you ever heard of zeppelins? Riga’s Central Market is famed for its pavilions housed inside of giant zeppelin hangars. 


Riga is the best destination for:

  • working (no kidding, it really is).

  • walking – with almost 500 km of coastline, Latvia has tons of beaches with pure white sand.

  • boat journeys and forest tourism. 

  • those who love history and mystery stories. Always remember, if you’re ever asked by someone in the street, “Have they finished building Riga?” you should answer “No. There’s still a lot to do.” According to a local legend, you’ll have saved the city from the devil.

  • music fans. Festivals take place here that unite the whole country, like Ligo. 

  • foodies. Latvia is known for its high-quality products, the natural gifts of its forest and rivers, and – yummy! – its famous rye bread.  


TheSoul Publishing in Riga

people to produce the best ever content
Our first office in the Baltics

Average age

Native Language





But we all speak English



We are all different, but we all work for one goal — creating the best entertaining content in the world

Our team chooses









Christmas or Ligo?







bowl-with-spoon_1f963 копия.png

Maizes zupa or Silke ar biezpienu un kartupeliem?

Opera or ballet?








Neither nor... Theatre is my passion



"And, yes... we are not great fans of opera..."

What motivates us:


My favourite book - Dzhidu Krisnamurti "About life"

Progress and achievements


nice people

food and adventures




Our incentive program

TheSoul BoostCamps are our incentive programs covering video production and animation. They’re run constantly to give a chance to everyone who wants to change their life and try a new career. The best participants become part of our team.

Open positions

Actor for SKITS project

We are looking for an attractive and charismatic young man to join our team that’s working on the new channel “SKITS”.


We are constantly growing, so we're delighted to invite talented people to join our team.
We are currently looking for a clever and attentive Warehouse Specialist whose able to multi-task.

Senior QA Engineer

Мы ищем Senior QA Engineer для работы над нашим основным проектом cистема управления производством контента. Сотрудник присоединится к нашей профессиональной QA-команде и будет заниматься ручным и автоматизированным тестированием веб-приложений.

Product Lead - Educational Platform

We are looking for a Product Lead to spearhead our move into eLearning. A motivated self-starter with the ability to grow business from the ground up. Proven track record in utilizing and building eLearning platforms to deliver maximum value to the audience.

Buyer (Video Props Specialist)

We are looking for a clever and attentive Video Props Specialist capable of multi-tasking who will be responsible for purchasing the stuff we need for videos, everyday communication with our Video Studio employees (including but not limited to Video Designers, Actors/Actresses, Idea Finders, and Supervisors), consideration of their needs, supporting them in their daily tasks, and for scheduling all planned video-filming activities.

Office Manager

We are looking for an Office Manager to join team in Riga Studio. This person will take care of the smooth-running of the office, create and maintain a pleasant work environment while ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety.

Middle QA Engineer

Мы ищем Middle QA Engineer для работы над проектом «Система управления производством контента». Сотрудник присоединится к нашей профессиональной QA-команде и будет заниматься мануальным тестированием веб-приложений, а также участвовать в написании автотестов.

Project Administrator

Right now we are looking for an attentive and highly organized Project Administrator for La La Life Project to our studio in Riga who will bring rationality and order to our creative atmosphere.

Video Designer (5-Minute Crafts)

We are looking for talented video designers to join our team in Latvia!

Platform Content Protection Specialist

We're looking for an experienced operational, analytical and platform specialist to support our content protection operations across multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest & TikTok.

Senior Account Manager

We’re looking for a Senior Account Manager who will work closely with our production studios and our clients!

Video Designer for Look at Rey project

We are currently looking for a creative and charismatic person (creative video designer) for our Video Film department who would help us launch a highly ambitious start-up project. The project is about one-take live crafts, pranks, social experiments, challenges and much more. We are finding the coolest and the most viral ideas, filming it and simply having fun!

Actor/ Actress

We are currently looking for creative and charismatic Actors for BadaBOOM! project.

Video Designer for JOON project

We are currently looking for an experienced Video Designer, who would help us launch a highly ambitious start-up project.

Talent Recruiter

Talent Recruiter is responsible for the full cycle of recruitment of creative and other specialists who'd help us produce even more entertaining online content.

Head of Procurement

We are looking for an experienced Head of Procurement capable to create Procurement function from scratch and who will be responsible for the centralized procurement for all entities of TSP.

Actor for Ricky&Picky

We are currently looking for a creative and charismatic actor for our Video Film department who would help us launch a highly ambitious start-up project.

Senior UX Engineer

Мы ищем опытного Senior UX Engineer для проектирования интерфейсов и разработки дизайн-решений для внутренней ERP системы, веб-сайтов, мобильных приложений и сервисов компании. А также обладающего экспертизой по части проведения UX Research: сбора, анализа и систематизации требований пользователей к интерфейсам и юзабилити.

Bright Side Actor

Currently, we are looking for a charismatic and driven Actor/Host for our Bright Side YouTube channel who is able to work with a script and present information in an interesting and engaging way.

Actor/Actress for La La Life (Latvia)

La La Life is our young but rapidly developing comedy project. It’s about the completely ordinary things that happen all around us.

Operations Manager

We are currently seeking ambitious individuals with a background in Project Management who are ready to commit to an international video production training mission of 6 months!

Senior System Analyst

TheSoul Publishing – одно из самых больших интернет-издательств в мире. Мы ежедневно создаем сотни развлекательных и познавательных видео, статей и анимаций для 800+ млн подписчиков по всему миру!

Make Up Artist

We are currently looking for an experienced and talented Makeup Artist to our office in Riga who would be responsible for visually transforming people's' appearance via make-up, paint, wigs, and other accessories.

Project Administrator

Right now we are looking for an attentive and highly organized Project Administrator for a 5-minute crafts Project to our studio who will bring rationality and order to our creative atmosphere. This person will be reporting to the Head of the Video Studio on all administrative tasks. If you always wanted to work in an international company with the most creative people in the world, then hurry to apply!

Actress for JOON project

We are currently looking for a creative and talented actress for our Video Film department who would help us launch a highly ambitious start-up project.

Maintenance Specialist

Currently we are looking for a Maintenance Specialist to join our growing team in the new office in Latvia (Riga). We are looking for a person to take care of the uninterrupted working condition of the office, who will help to maintain a safe and serviceable work environment.

Lead QA Engineer

Мы, понимая ценность тестирования, продолжаем усиливать нашу QA-команду и именно поэтому открываем вакансию Lead QA Engineer.

System Administrator, Riga

Right now, we’re looking for an experienced and highly qualified System administrator for our video studio in Riga. We require a person who will be able to demonstrate their skills in launching and developing a new office from scratch, and who will be able to ensure the smooth functioning of our computer equipment, local network, software.

Associate Producer

We are proud to announce the launch of a highly ambitious project in our new studio in Riga. And in order to get started we urgently need a proactive and goal-driven Associate Producer.

Video Designer for La La Life (Latvia)

We are looking for experienced Video Designers to join our La La Life team in Riga.

Props-Request Creator

We are currently looking for an organized, creative and attentive Props Request Specialist for our Video Production department who’s able to multitask and come up with new ideas.

Actor/Host for new project

Currently, we are looking for a charismatic and driven male Actor/Host for our new project.

Actor / Actress (5-Minute Crafts)

5-minute Crafts is one of the largest media brands in the world, with a wide variety of projects read by tens of millions of followers.